Actor Escape

An International Artist Residency & Social Retreat

Artistic Retreats, Private Events, and Daytime Escapes

The Actor Escape offers a variety of options designed for your personal needs.

The Actor Escape resides in the 18th Century Mas Baget farmhouse in the municipality of Alforja, a stunning natural environment surrounded by forests and paths, with marvelous views of the Mussara, Camp de Terragona and Baix Camp mountains. It is located in the plush countryside of Catalonia, Spain. it is just 35 km to the beaches of the Costa Dorada and cities such as Terragona, Reus, Cambrils and the Delta del Ebro natural park. The magical city of Barcelona is 1-2 hours away by car or train and easily accessible for day trips. It is owned by our lovely hostesses Julia FossI and Julie Stephenson.

There are many captivating places to visit and to escape in and get inspired! The team at Actor Escape offers travel tips and interesting sites to visit.

For more information and what you are looking for, please contact us.

Artistic Retreats

Rent a bungalow or a room in the house to escape and find time to finish writing that book, paint the
next masterpiece, or create a symphony. This sanctuary offers a natural landscape and solitude
towards reaching personal goals and ways of experiencing nature at its best.
Meals may be included with additional cost. For information:

Private Retreats

Spend the night in one of our secluded bungalows, enjoy a community meal, wander through the plush landscape, relax by the poolside and Escape with your thoughts. Enjoy the surrounding ancient villages and
explore the wineries! Let your imagination run wild.

Private Events:

Rent the studio for your next wedding or birthday party! Host your guests in the villa and bungalows.
Enjoy the grounds with natural beauty of the surroundings with loved ones. Meals and accommodations available for weekends. Accommodations, studio space for party, pool area and dinner hall available. Meal plan can be included and is optional.

Special events

Do you want to teach yoga, host a poetry night or a book reading club, a murder mystery dinner or a surprise supper event? This is the place for you and we are ready to host your newest idea! Share your thoughts with us and Escape. For more information:

Daytime Escapes

Explore the magnificent streets of Barcelona for the day, relax at the beach, and sample the local cuisine, and enjoy the exhilarating beach towns along the Costa Brava. Hike the the trails along the Costa Dorada located in Terragona. Immerse yourself in the Catalonian culture of the villages. There are many places to visit just a quick car or train ride away!

Studio Space

Need an open and relaxing space for your next creative or social adventure…?
Check out the newly rehabbed Studio space for your upcoming event!

Price Menu


  • €50 for 2 persons
  • €75 for 3-4 persons per night

Top floor dormitory

  • €25 per night

Private room

  • €40 per night

Private apartment

  • €50 per night

Community Meals

  • €10 per meal
  • Breakfast Lunch Dinner= €30 per day
  • €15 Dinner only per night

Transportation to and from train station:

€5 for gas

Private trips to other destinations: negotiable
Book your party in the countryside now.
For more information:

Please note: All facilities mentioned above are all accessible and available to the participant during the time of their stay.

Bedding is provided with sheets and towels. Tenants are advised to bring their personal needs for hygiene i.e.: toiletries, soap ,shampoo, etc.