Actor Escape

An International Artist Residency & Social Retreat

Actor Escape

A Performing Arts Training Center located in the Spanish countryside.

what we offer

Acting Workshops

Fusing Nature with Art.

Offering creative workshops for the artist in you! Revive yourself!

The Actor Escape is a newly launched program offering specialized training to actors, writers, directors, storytellers and more! Get inspired by escaping into the nature at the Mas Baget located in the beautiful village of Alforja, just outside of the coastal city of Terragona, where the sea is only a half hour away. Explore the vibrant streets of Barcelona for the day and revive yourself with a unique cultural learning experience in the magical region of Catalonia! Spend a day, a week, a month, sign up for one of our workshops or rent the place for a private event.

We welcome all!

Trap Door International’s Artistic Director Beata Pilch and Barcelona based Actress and Project Manager, Julia Fossi, and co-owner and hostess, Julie Stephenson, set Actor Escape into motion!



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The Hosts

We are theatre makers

and performance artists with a long history of international experience and mastery in a variety of areas. We believe art is movement in our bodies and soul. Fusing art with a natural environment opens up the mind and lets energy flow to discover oneself in a new way.

Beata Pilch is the founder and artistic director of the Trap Door Theatre in Chicago for past 30 years has given her a rich background of knowledge and international experience. Chicago native and currently residing in Barcelona, Spain, Beata is a highly motivated actress, theatre director, producer and an experimental arts enthusiast and whose main focus is teaching alternative approaches to character development and scene study. Beata directs productions with a main interest in European contemporary work. Beata thrives within a creative environment, mastering various roles within the theatre

Julia Fossi, co-owner and hostess of Mas Baget was born and raised in Great Britain, and has resided in the culturally rich city of Barcelona for the last 25 years. Julia brings a diverse background in performing, teaching, developing children theatre programs and charitable organizations. She is a working actress in the Spanish television and film industry, poet, storyteller, and mother. She is a impassioned producer of projects around the region and has a profound understanding for the love of nature and art and how vital it is to bring them together in one unique opportunity for all to enjoy.

Julie Stephenson is originally from Liverpool, England and has been living in Spain for the past 22 years. Her life has been full of travels. In the past, she has lived in the USA for a year and in Australia for 7 years. She has a 25 year old daughter that she moved to Barcelona at the young age of 3! She has worked in travel, tourism and hospitality all her life, as an airline steward, bar owner, fish and chip shop owner and also had much of her travel supported by working with youth. She currently works for an online travel company and spends her spare time caring for her new home, Mas Baget, in rural Tarragona. Family is her main focus in life and there is nothing better than welcoming them,
and old friends and new, to the Catalan countryside.

With a rich and long history and education in the arts, Beata, Julia & Julie desire to offer a quiet and secluded retreat designed for creative artists from all forms of the arts. Part of the year and part of the complex will be devoted to theatre programming consisting of a variety of courses from acting, writing and directing workshops to performances and outreach to the community in the way of classes or public gatherings centered around theatre, cultural arts, physical and mental health and rejuvenation of the spirit.


ACTor Escape is designed to stimulate and foster creative growth and expand oneself in a personal artistic journey.
These workshops are specifically designed to serve a range of artistic development. Each teacher is exclusively selected to present their specialized skills and lead a group of students seeking to explore their imaginations and willing to discover new techniques towards advancing their craft and career in the arts. As the program expands, we will be offering a variety of opportunities for every artist to find their way at the ACTor Escape. 

Beata Pilch
Neema Lahon
Morgan Symes

Artistic Retreats, Private Events, and Daytime Escapes

Why Escape?

Need to get away from the bustling city life. Rent a room in the house for a night and stay for dinner. Enjoy the day hiking trails and taking in beautiful vistas of the countryside and mountains.
This enchanting country house surrounded by a magical panorama of vistas is designed to attract artists, tourists and nature lovers to a tranquil environment, rich with beauty and magical energy to find another way to release our better selves.

  • Professional artists will find a way to grow and explore new avenues of creativity and self and will be compelled to tell their story.
  • Tourists will enjoy the surroundings and all it has to offer. Discover new territory and visit historical sights.
  • Nature lovers will be able to walk for hours and fall in love with the forests and mountains.

Relax. Revive. Return.

Our Spaces

The interior of the House consists of:

  • 2 rooms where you can enjoy different events, such as classes or meetings with group activities.
  • a spacious dining room where you can enjoy what is cooked on long wooden tables with benches on each side.
  • there is an industrial kitchen with a work top where all necessary utensils and appliances are available. There are multiple large refrigerators for food storage.
  • there are private and shared rooms available provided with double or bunk beds.
  • there are 4 common bathrooms in which the sinks and showers are distributed.

Our Spaces

The exterior of the House consists of:

  • a vast piece of land where you will be able to walk and enjoy
  •  a vegetable garden including 120 olive trees.
  • 2 Bungalows for private rentals and retreats
  • Children’s playground
  • Barbecue area with large wooden picnic tables situated in a small grove of pine trees
  • a secluded pool surrounded by plants and trees
  • a breathtaking view all around.

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Benefit of Our space

Educational and Artistic Training Programs, Accommodations, studio space and many captivating places to visit

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