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The Actor Escape Training Program

Acting Workshops

The Actor Escape Training Program offers training in our uniquely innovative style and approach. For actors interested in pushing the boundaries of what they are capable of the Actor Escape offers several training options.

Offering creative workshops for actors and all students of the arts, (regardless of age, color, gender and background) or a quiet retreat for the working and becoming artist.

The workshops take place in a classroom setting that was recently converted into a newly rehabbed performance studio that can also be used for other large events. There is accommodation in the house for up to 25 people.

Coming up next in September 2024!


Beata Pilch

Beata Pilch


When: Sept. 12 to Sept. 18, 2024
Instructor: Beata Pilch
What: Alternative Scene Study Workshop


Students: Workshop fee €350
Meals €150

  • Not including accommodations based on room selection.
  • For more information on accommodations click here.
  • For more information on meals click here.
  • Please Note: Students are required to bring wardrobe and shoes they can move comfortably and freely in. 


Train pick up is offered if pre arranged or there is taxi service available.

“…founder Beata Pilch grounds the entire production with her humorous, technically layered and adventurous performance. “

ALTERNATIVE SCENE STUDY WORKSHOP with Chicago’s Trap Door Theatre’s Artistic Director, taught by Beata Pilch.

This course strengthens the actor's craft by emphasizing the application of technique to character development, text analysis and physical style as well as rehearsal and class performance of selected scenes from contemporary European literature. This course will also focus on developing engaging relationships on stage by connecting the text with physical movement in support of the actor's expression.

Course objectives:
Expansion of imagination and creativity as the source of artistic impulse.
Strengthen vocal and movement skills to support the actor’s process.
Improve textual analysis and critical thinking.

Table 1
Day Title Aim
September 12
Participants arrive Welcoming students. Meet and Greet. Grounds orientation. Community dinner.
September 13
Physical Warm-Ups Warming up the body with physical exercises that will become routine.
Playing games for freeing the body of thought process. Experiencing spontaneous choices.
September 14
Learning Text Analysis Daily warm-ups and exercises. Script assignment.
Starting to break down text and physical approach to character development.
September 15
Physicality and Movement Daily warm-ups and exercises.
First rehearsal for performing text. Understanding text.
Discovering physicality and movement with character building.
September 16
Character Development Daily warm-ups and exercises.
Continuing to build text, character and relationships. Exercises involving text and vocal delivery.
Working with Intensions & understanding Beat Breakdown in text.
September 17
Rehearsal refinement Daily warm-ups and exercises.
Rehearsal and refinement of pieces. Notes and learning to work moments.
Group discussion.
September 18
Meal and departure Participants depart
Daily Schedule
Time Title Activity
10:00 am to 13:30 Morning Session - Daily warm-ups
- Character building exercises
- Role-playing games
14:00 Break for Lunch Lunch served at 14:00
 16:00 to 20:00 Afternoon Session - Text analysis
- Beat breakdown and delivery
- Working on specific text
20:30 Break for Dinner Dinner served at 20:30
End of Day